T&T-Evenings in the Eindhoven region

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So you have discovered that you don’t feel completely at home in the box “man” or “woman”. And maybe you don’t know how to deal with that. That is clear to understand. Well, first of all: don’t feel ashamed! With an estimated number of 400,000 other people with such feelings in the Netherlands you certainly are not the only one.

But you would likely want to meet other transgender people. And you can! The T in “TG040” stands for Transgender. And whether you are a crossdresser, gender fluid, or a transsexual… it really does not matter to us. You are very welcome.

You are not alone

If you ever want to chat and share your experiences, if you are looking for tips or just want to ask questions, just come to Las Salinas on the second Saturday of any month.
That sounds scary, doesn’t it? But that fear will disappear in the first 10 minutes. Before you know it, you will be chatting with somebody and just enjoy the evening.

There is no need to register or to make a reservation. You can just walk in. We have our own corner in the back of the restaurant, with our own tables. So if you don’t want to mingle with the ‘normal’ visitors, you don’t have to.

If you find it scary to walk in alone, we can get you a buddy to help you. These are experienced ladies, who can walk in with you from the car park and introduce you to the group. Send an email to info@tg040.nl, subject: buddy. Please do that at least one day in advance, we may not immediately notice your mail coming in. And we want to take some time to find you an appropriate buddy. Maybe you can even contact us by phone in advance. Have a look at our list of hosts if you want a buddy.

You can come dressed the way you like. Feel free to be yourself. If necessary, we can make arrangements to find you a private place to change clothing. So that will not be a problem!

Meeting transgender people

T&T-evenings have nothing to do with tea, of course. But you knew that already, right? There are T&T-evenings on several locations in the Netherlands. In the Eindhoven region, we do this every month, on the second Saturday of the month. People from all over Noord-Brabant, and even further away come to visit us. Our evenings are recognized as the friendliest place in the country.🙂

We are in Las Salinas every month. It is an attractive restaurant that is transformed into a cozy café in the evening. There is plenty of parking space, right across the street. We can make arrangements for you to change clothing in privacy.

A TG040-evening is all about being yourself, having fun, meeting transgender people, and exchange experiences. Often you can also meet their family members. Every month there are transgender people who bring their spouse or other family members.

The goal of a T-evening is to just be yourself, meet nice transgender people and exchange experiences. Often you can also meet their family members. Every At TG040 we welcome everybody who is involved in any way with crossdressing or transsexuality, or has an interest or sympathy for this. Many of our regular guests often bring their partner (spouse, significant other), or occasionally a friend, a neighbor, a colleague, or other family members.


So what if you are not sure whether you really are trangender, can you come anyway? YES you can! Especially if you have fears, or feelings of shame or doubt it helps a lot to meet others who have also (had) such feelings. We understand that you do not want to talk with strangers about your deepest secrets. So we won’t make you do that. It is totally up to you what you do or don’t want to share with others. And how you want to look.

Trans men

We aim to make our evenings as pleasant to trans men (F2M) as they are to trans women (M2F). This is a bit of a challenge, as most of our visitors are still M2F. That is why we are urging trans men in particular to help us bring this into balance: We are open to everybody.

Although there is at least one trans man around almost every month, a single man is not enough to change that. When we get more F2M-visitors, the situation will automatically improve. So, gentlemen, you are very welcome!

Every second Saturday
of the month
starting at 8PM
Las Salinas
Burgemeester van Hoofflaan 157
5503 BL Veldhoven


Do you prefer to first read about it in our library?
TG040 has a lot of books and scientific documents, also in English. Unfortunately we cannot present those at our current location.

You can see the list of books here and select what you want to read. Please send an email to info@tg040.nl , so that we can bring this book to our next TG040-evening.

We are still building on this collection, mainly thanks to donations. In the past few years we have got for instance books from Paula Vennix and from the heirs of Renate Stoute.

House rules

The TG040 Foundation is not liable for any damage, however caused, to third parties, invitees or visitors to the contact evenings.
If you enter rooms rented by or on behalf of the TG040 Foundation, you do so at your own risk and responsibility.
Participating in activities or events organized by or organized by the TG040 Foundation is at the participant’s own risk and responsibility.
Offensive clothing is prohibited.
Pets are prohibited. An exception to this is assistance dogs. Please inform us in advance by sending an email to info@tg040.nl .
You may only take photographs or film with express permission.