T&T-Evenings in Eindhoven

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So you have discovered that you don’t feel completely at home in the box “man” or “woman”, but maybe you don’t know how to deal with that. First of all: don’t feel ashamed! With an estimated number of 400,000 other people with such feelings in the Netherlands you certainly are not the only one. But you would likely want to meet other transgender people. Well, you can! The T in “TG040” stands for Transgender. And whether you are a crossdresser, gender fluid, or a transsexual… it makes no difference at all; you are very welcome.

You are not alone

If you ever want to chat and share your experiences, if are looking for tips or just want to ask questions, just come to Gemeenschapshuis Genderdal on the first Saturday of any month.
Scary, isn’t it? But that fear will disappear in the first 10 minutes and soon you will be chatting with somebody and just enjoy the evening.

If you still feel scared, you can also contact us by email first. All hosts introduce themselves on this website. Have a look at their bios, and see with whom of us you might feel comfortable. Maybe you can make an appointment to meet us at one of our events. And when you come… just come dressed the way you like. It is also possible to change in the building, we have a dressing-room for that… No problem!

Meeting transgender people

T&T-evenings have nothing to do with tea, of course. But you knew that already, right? There are T&T-evenings on several locations in the Netherlands. In Eindhoven we have chosen to do this every month, on the first Saturday of the month. We have visitors from all over the Noord Brabant province, but also many people from much further away. Our evenings are recognized as the friendliest place in the country. 🙂

We rent a nice hall in a community building, not far from the city center of Eindhoven. There are plenty of parking spaces available.
In the community building we have a nice room with a buffet, atmospheric lighting and nice music. We also have a dressing-room, where you can change clothing in privacy.

The goal of a T-evening is to just be yourself, meet nice transgender people and exchange experiences. Often you can also meet their family members. Every month there are transgender people who bring their spouse or other family members. At TG040 we welcome everybody who is involved in any way with crossdressing or transsexuality, or has an interest or sympathy for this. Many of our regular guests often bring their partner (spouse, significant other), or occasionally a friend, a neighbor, a colleague, or other family members.

Trans men

We aim to make our evenings as pleasant to trans men (F2M) as they are to trans women (M2F). So far we have not succeeded in that for 1005: most of the visitors still are male-to-female. So we are urging trans men in particular to help us bring this into balance: We are there for everybody. There really is at least one trans man every month, so you will not be the only one. Once we will get enough F2M-guests this situation will improve. Soo… gentlemen, you are invited!


People often ask us whether they are welcome if they are not sure they are transgender. It answer is: YES! Especially if you have fears, or feelings of shame or doubt it helps a lot to meet others who have also (had) such feelings. And don’t be afraid you will have to sit in circle of people to share your most intimate feelings, that is not the way we work. You can share as much or as little as you want to and you can sit or stand anywhere you want to.

DATE: Every first Saturday of the month 20:00 until 01:00

LOCATION: Gemeenschapshuis Genderdal, Boccherinilaan 6, 5653 HE Eindhoven

The admittance fee is 10 Euros, and you can take along one guest for (e.g. partner, elder, child, mentor). It is not allowed to take a transgender person as a guest for free. (This is to prevent people from getting married on our doorstep just to save 10 Euros. 😉 ) By the way: it is not always clearly visible whether a person is a transgender, so we also have to trust you in this.
If you bring more guests, then the third, fourth etcetera do have to pay for admittance.